L’Altre Pallars S.L. is a legal organization made up by some associates who used to own the only five properties located in Buseu, a village in the Baix Pallars term, in Pallars Sobirà. This property includes the already mentioned properties with their threshing floors and 230 hectares around the village.

Business’ goals:

The business’ goals written in the article of association are the following:

To promote traditional activities compatible with the preservation of the environment, of the land,

To collaborate in the realization of the (PLANS DE RECUPERACIO) and/or conservation of the different animals and plants and/or

To create a network that guarantees the protection of the natural environments in the mountains, in Pallars Sobirà, Pallars Jussà and the regions nearby.

To strengthen and to carry out ecotourism programs which will be based on the goals explained right above this one and on the recovery of the natural, cultural and historical patrimony.

En definitiva, la custodia del territorio mediante una gestión integrada y sostenible en el espacio y tiempo tanto de las propias fincas como las cedidas en convenio.

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Year 2017

Año 2017 – Programa Espíritu Salvage


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