Lloguer de la casa

Buseuproject answers your questions to help you find accommodation:
Are you worried about our planet’s future?
We are, so that’s why we are offering a 100% sustainable tourism. Casa Felip works with solar energy, being 0% our emissions.
Do you like nature? We absolutely love it! Because of this we take care of the environment so our guests can enjoy it also with its fauna and tranquility.
Where? In Buseu, a small village located in the Pre-Pyrenees of Catalonia. It was abandoned in the 70s and it is actually being reconstructed. If you want to feel and live experiences out of the ordinary you can stay in Casa Felip, totally restored house where you will literally hear the silence and understand time in a completely different way from what you have felt since now.
Who are we? We are a local business with an ecotourism project dedicated to the preservation of the biodiversity y photography of wild fauna. From the house’s terrace will you be able to see, having agreed with the owner first, how vultures and bearded vultures are being fed, a unique and special experience.
For who? To everyone who is looking for a one of a kind sustainable experience and also to spend some days with family, friends, by herself, with the objective of enjoying your surroundings and the opportunity of living this amazing experience.