Nature projects

Waste in Cal Tomàs? We don’t make it: we recycle it

Indeed. Cal Tomàs has made a collaboration agreement with the company l’Altre Pallars SL, which is managing the PAS (Supplementary Food Point) of Buseu, in the municipality of Baix Pallars, in the Pallars Sobirà.

It is a place authorized by the environmental administration where the remains of the Cal Tomàs workshop (bones, cartilage, expired meats,…) are deposited in order to feed endangered species such as the badger, the black vulture, the vulture and the kingfisher (among other species).

The Buseu Project manages the PAS in order to make visits (public use) and 3 hiding places or “hides” where close-up photographs are taken of the species in question. It is a way of doing “Nature Production”. In this way, our organic waste is used by nature and we save ourselves from incinerating it! kilometer 0.

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