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From Buseu and in accordance with our objectives we want to transmit information, training and knowledge of everything related to the natural and cultural heritage of our area to have a more global vision of the territory and collaborate in making the general public aware that what we have is unique, and that future generations must also have the possibility to enjoy it.

For this, we organize workshops, courses, open days, talks and visits to small groups, collaborations with universities, collaborations with scavenger bird marking and monitoring programs, …

If you are interested in any of these workshops and would like to act as a teacher, or as a participant, or would like to do something else, tell us and we will organize the event.

The workshops can be organized directly by us or through other companies or professionals with whom we have collaboration agreements.

We currently have photography courses underway

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With the entry of digital photography, many of us dare to take a camera and go hunting for the best snapshot. But of course, as in everything, you have to constantly learn and improve.

For this reason, at Buseu we organize several photography courses during the year with the presence of some of the best professionals we have in this field, such as Antonio Liébana, Oriol Alamany, Fuji, Víctor Ortega, Julio Eiroa and others … who are the teachers that during the 2 or 3 days that the course lasts, he is with you to explain, guide you and teach you new techniques. In addition, they always carry photographic material provided by some of the leading brands so that you can try it.


  • All the participants and the teacher are staying at the house, where they arrive on the first day for dinner, and then attend the teacher’s explanations and guidance.
  • During the following days, you are all day in the hides, and it is guaranteed that at least 1 day you will have the teacher with you at the hide.
  • Once out of the hides, and after a short break and dinner, the visualization sessions of the work done begin, where each participant explains what and how they have done it, what doubts they have had, what problems, how to improve, …


  • Prices are variable, depending on the number of participants and days of duration.
  • In each course and / or workshop the price and everything that it includes is specified.
Recognition of mammal tracks and photo-trapping

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Management of natural systems

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Identification of species

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Conservation of biodiversity

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Management of an ecotourism model

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