Who are we?

L’Altre Pallars S.L. is a legal entity formed by several partners, owner of the old 5 properties of the town of Buseu, located in the municipality of Baix Pallars, Pyrenees region of Pallars Sobirà, in Catalonia. The objectives of the company are:

  • Promotion of traditional activities related to the use of the land compatible with the preservation of the landscape, the species of fauna and flora and the associated natural systems.
  • Collaboration in the realization of plans of recovery and / or conservation of the species and / or habitats threatened or of high ecological interest as it indicates the valid normación conservation so much autonomic, state as of the EU.
  • Creation of a network of spaces with protection regulations in the field of mountain areas, in general in the two Pallars and neighboring counties, and elaboration of a management plan for all the properties purchased or in agreement.
  • Promote and execute ecotourism programs based on the previous points and the recovery of natural, cultural and historical heritage.

In short, the custody of the territory through an integrated and sustainable management in the space and time of both the estates themselves and those ceded in agreement.

Project Buseu

The objectives of the Buseu Project are:

  • Management of the territory as a biological corridor between the natural spaces of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park and Serra de Boumort-Collegats.
  • Consolidation of the Natura 2000 Alt Pirineu area.
  • Landscape, habitat and species recovery.
  • Deepen the knowledge of the values ​​of the area (natural, cultural, ethnological, historical and heritage).
  • Consolidation of the town center as the logistics center of the project through a Special Plan.

There is currently a Tourist Housing (HUTL 000157) that acts as the logistics center of the Buseu project, the so-called Casa Felip. The buildings in the best condition are also being consolidated in order to develop other phases of the project in the future.

The Buseu project (company l’Altre Pallars SL) is part of the XCT (Land Stewardship Network), as well as the “Iberaves” Initiative, of sustainable ornithological tourism promoted by the SEO / Birdlife entity. The whole area is also part of the WE (Wildlife Estates) project of the ELO (European Landowners Organization), the first in Catalonia and the Alpine Biogeographic Region in Spain. The Buseu area is part of the PEIN Alt Pirineu area and the Natura 2000 network (Alt Pallars area).

The challenge of the project is to demonstrate the social and economic viability of the management of the natural heritage of the area compared to other unsustainable projects in space and time that could mortgage the area in the long term.

Jordi Canut