Bearded vulture

We have several hides (up to 5 of them) strategically located in the dining area, thus offering different possibilities of views and perspectives.

The dining room or SUPPLEMENTARY FOOD POINT (PAS) is authorized and registered by the competent authority of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Department of Territory and Sustainability).

Once a week food is placed in the dining room. The remains come from slaughterhouses and workshops with which we have a mutual commitment, collection and storage. The remains that are transported are legalized and controlled according to the regulations currently in force.

On the day the food is laid, which usually coincides with the first day of the stay, although the food is specific to Bearded vulture, hundreds of common vultures go, turning the first hours into a spectacle of flights, landings, fights and interrelationships between them. There are also several specimens of black vulture, recently reintroduced thanks to the projects carried out in Boumort and La Muntanya d’Alinyà. In spring and summer we also have some specimens of Egyptian vulture. Both the black kite and the royal kite can appear at any time. And more rare but no less desired is the possibility of visiting the Golden Eagle. And obviously the visit of the Foxes disputing the food with the Vultures is still an attraction. And of course! The visit of the Bearded vulture is not long in coming !!! From the first moments it can appear … AND IT APPEARS.

The remaining days the dining room is used exclusively by the Bearded vulture, who visit it regularly, since they have enough food.

If you want to enjoy the observation and / or take some great photos, do not hesitate, come to Buseu. From our hiding places you can have the Bearded vulture, Black Vulture, Common Vulture, Egyptian vulture … almost to the touch, you can photograph on the ground, flying, eating, with its different plumage …


A guide will accompany you and leave you inside the hide, from where you will not be able to leave until you are picked up again. The time of entry is usually between 10/11 hours on the first day, and to choose the following and departure depends on the season, in autumn-winter about 16-17 hours and in spring-summer about 18 hours . Different departure times can always be agreed.

  • The hides are made of wood with police glass.
  • It is advisable to bring dark clothes and a picnic to spend the day.
  • The maximum capacity in the hides at present is 2-4 people in each of them. As there are conditions for covid-19 there are 5 hides for 5 people, if necessary.

Buseuproject has at your disposal a rehabilitated house, CASA FELIP, authorized as a Housing for Tourist Use (HUT), by the Generalitat de Catalunya, where you can accommodate the days you use the hide services. The house consists of two bedrooms for 4 people each, with two bathrooms and equipped with everything you need to prepare meals yourself.

The house is located in an abandoned village, there are no shops, no bars … so you have to bring everything you need.

And if you are not convinced or do not feel like staying at home, don’t worry, you can stay in one of the nearby villages. We can guide you.

The house is close to where we have the hides, so no need to use vehicle to get there.

Prices depend on the number of people and the days the hides are used.